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Toca Boca Mod APK Latest Version 2024 (All Unlocked)

You can download the latest version of Toca boca wolrd life mod apk 2024. This version of the game have many different unlocked features. Such as unlimited money, customization and accessories options. Toca boca is very famous in kids and people of all ages.

Here is the v1.91.1 update of Toca Life World Mod APK

In the digital era of the world, not only young people but children are also indulging in online gaming. Mostly the games are not healthy for development but sometimes the games are just wasting of time and have no learning point. Parents are worried about what type of games their children are playing online. 

Here, we present you the Toca Boca game, It is a fun game for children where they can design the characters and also their outfits according to their choice. Toca Boca provides a world for children where children can implement their own rules. It introduces the color theory as colorful screen attracts children’s attention.

 A beautiful and clean city is going to develop and buildings built in front of children which Fascinate the children toward engineering. A sweet and satisfying sound is running in the background to calm the kids which has a positive impact on them. They also learn how to manage the house and workplace by telling them what work they have to do in the morning, evening, or at night.

Information Related to Toca Boca Mod APK Latest Version

It encourages the kids to do what they want, what task they have to do in the morning, or what kind of activities at night. Children don’t have tension to failure, they just have to play and learn how to manage the work. Toca Boca provides the platform for how to use the resources and technologies properly.

App Name Toca Boca
Latest version v 1.91.1
Size 597 MBs
MODAll unlocked
LinkGoogle Play Link
Game developer Toca Boca
Category Educational and creativity 
Harmonious withAndroid 5.0+

What’s New in Toca Boca Mod APK Latest Version 2024?

The most recent update of the Toca Life World mod APK version is v1.89. This version comes with major and interesting changes. Some of the major and interesting changes are discussed below.

1. Additional Characters

The new version v1.91.1, adds some other characteristics with different ethnicities. So all users can select their ethnicity. This update gives them a personalized experience.

2. New Locations

The lasted updates add many new locations. Such as futuristic or AI-based cities or adventurous jungles to attract the kids.

3. Fresh Outfits & Accessories

New and event-based outfits and accessories are introduced in this update. Specialized outfits like Eid, Diwali, or other festivals are introduced.

4. Enhanced Customization

This update gave the user more control over the customization of characters, clothes, wallpapers, accessories, backgrounds, scenarios, etc.

5. Seasonal Content

Seasonal content is also updated in it. Like winter, summer, autumn, and spring, clothes and appliances are well-designed. Also very exciting to use.

6. Bug Fixes

Sometimes, we noticed users faced difficulty in using the toca boca apk. Some of the issues and their solutions are given below.

7. Issues and the solutions

  • The Toca life world game always crashes : This issue came when your device is not compatible with your device
  • The game is not loading properly : You can clear your RAM to play or load the game properly. Or you can use your device with its supported compatible version

Toca Life World

There is always something new happening in the Toca life world and have a fear of missing it. Now you don’t need to worry about it because here is the latest version of Toca Life World and it is Teacher Approved. It is appropriate for 6 to 12 years kids which gives positive messages to relating to friends and family. Kids are obsessed with this game and parents are also happy about the idea, innovations, and use of technology.

It is also the best roleplay because it takes out the anger and stress which is amazing without ads. Kids may plan sneaky surprises, care for their pets, shape and explore nature, and build a new world with their own rules. It takes the experience from Toca Boca to Toca life world with endless opportunities and possibilities.

Features and Gameplay

Many kinds of features are well-equipped in this game such as enhancing the exploration skills among children. They gain knowledge about how to use colors in different places and how to decorate the places according to the need or demand. Following are some basic features that are introduced in this game:

Toca boca mod apk
  • Design characters and outfits
  • 500+ characters 
  • Your world, your rules
  • Design your own house
  • Find your favorite location 
  • 90+ locations
  • Direct your own movies
  • Unlock hundreds of hidden secrets 
  • Find all the mysterious crumpets
  • Where would you bring a dinner?
  • Furnish your furniture
  • Decorate your garden
  • Create unique stories
  • Unlimited fun with friends
  • Option of customization 
  • Choosing your favorite hairstyle
  • Color experiments
Toca boca premium unlocked

Comparison (Mod APK vs Original)

Toca Boca is one of the beloved games among children which enhances their mental ability that they can design different workplaces or houses. The original version is somehow different because Mod APK facilitates by providing all locations unloacted, resources become unlimited, unlocked all premium and more advanced features are,as available in other mode game like idle office tycoon. All facilities are discussed below:

1. Resources become Unlimited

Therapeutic and all other resources like houses will be unlocked, if you download this game from mod APK. Kids can easily experience all the features and then, become more creative and choose their field for their future according to their interest. Priorly it was too difficult to unlock all the resources and required a lot of money for this.

2. All Locations and Characters Unlocked

Mod APK has the capacity to unlock all the locations that are 90+ and all the characters that are 500+. If children have access to all the locations and characters, they have more opportunities for creativity. on the other hand, it is more loveable to have access to each and every feature of the game.

3. Unlocked all Premium

Now, it become too easy to get premium opportunities and features for free because all of the kids are not able to invest a lot of money in games. While in the Original game, you have to buy all the premium for their unlocked features but don’t worry. We are here to present a great offer as per the needs of every kid.

4. More Advanced Features

In the original game, the advanced features are locked because these require money to unlock but Here, you don’t need to use your real money for a game. Advanced features include the mini-games, other items, and extended gameplay options that are totally free to enjoy the game properly.

Toca Life World Mod APK 

This is the fast download of Mod APK having infinite potential you can design and customize your own world and characters having different outfits with different colors and colorful screens loved by children. It also has a horror world that includes scary stories, ghost stories, and Halloween special stories, it is the most luxurious item that is unlocked freely and available for children. Now, it’s your turn to enjoy your life with us, we are always here for you to show the latest and updated version of Toca Life World by just downloading the mod APK version.

Toca Boca APK Download

If you download the original one game, it may become too difficult for you because all the attributes are not available which makes the game quite difficult. Kids may get bored because of few features but in mod APK, you have the great option for various features and characteristics. To download Toca Boca APK becomes too easy, this is just apart from single single click which is specially designed for kids to make it as easy as possible.

Toca Boca MOD APK Free Download All Unlocked

After downloading this precious game you will realize that this is such a wonderful game that has all extremes unlocked. Where some people are paid for these features your kids will enjoy them for free and also get a chance to enhance their skills by comparing different fields and their interests. In the age of inflation, we will download TOca Boca completely free and cost less with headless happiness and potential. 

Minimum Requirements to Play Toca Boca MOD APK

Microsoft operating system and iOS needed different requirements such as

1. Apple iOS (iPhone operating system)

The following are the minimum requirements for Toca Life World Mod APK for IOS:

  • For iPhone: you are required for iOS 12.0 or maybe the latest version of Mod APK.
  • For iPad: you are required for iOS 12.0 or maybe the latest version of Mod APK.
  • For iPod touch: you are required for iOS 12.0 or maybe the latest version of Mod APK

2. Personal Computer (PC)

But these requirements are different for the personal computer (PC) That is for the operating system which includes Microsoft Windows 7, MAC OS, Linux, and more for Toca Boca pc.

  • Processor: for this, you need Intel or AMD or their equivalent software.
  • Random assess memory (RAM): For RAM you need a minimum space of 4GB.
  • HDD/SSD: For this storage device, you require free space of 5GB or more which is better.

Screen Shots

How to Download and Install Toca Boca Life World MOD APK?

You can easily download this game by just following these baby steps. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Baidu, and Yandex are the most commonly used. Simple web browsers are helpful in that procedure

  • Step 1: Open the Web Browser.
  • Step 2: Tab on the search bar and search Toca Boca mod APK.
  • Step 3: Open your favorite Toca APK Boca website and directly click “the download” button.
  • Step 4: Make sure that this website will be safe and provide the direct link to the browser.
  • Step 5: On the website, you will see the download button now click on that button for Mod APK on your device.
  • Step 6: While downloading you can check in the top right corner, about the status by tapping on the three-dot button. This will show you the presentation and how much the file is downloaded.
  • Step 7: Once the file is downloaded successfully you can install it on your device by clicking on the file and then the install button.
  • Step 8: Now, you can easily enjoy all the Paid features for free.


Yes! It is safe because it uses safety measures and precautions in order to maintain and collect the data. this process is secured and needs a third party to perform the same functions and here are different mod version available

In general, it is not just for the girls as the game is based on equal rights. Actually, it is a neutral game, no one can get bored while playing this. Not only girls, but boys also take an interest and choose their relevant path according to their interests.

As it is a brain development game probably it is more common in 6 to 12-year-old kids. 8-year-old kids mostly indulge in such types of creative and exploration games.

No! it is a Swedish game, but downloaded in 215 countries including China, the USA, the UK, and Russia. Spin Master owned this game and is based in Stockholm which is the capital of Sweden.

This is mostly famous among the 6 to 12-year-old kids. As it is from the growth of mental health from this game, they can choose their field in time and work on it, to become specialized in that field.

It is a simple chat box but sometimes it has a negative impact on the kids, but the parents must be aware of their kids and what they do. On the other hand, it has a positive impact as people grow socially with their friends and family.

Obviously, it is a good game for kids as they gain knowledge about how to design colorful outfits for different occasions, events, and functions. how to furnish the house, how to use color combinations, and more.


We share the link to download this beautiful game to enhance the children’s skills and abilities. Toca Boca provides various sceneries and places to do different activities. Children can choose, manage, and decorate their favorite places including barber shops, living rooms, bakery shops, and gift shops to play in which they have an interest.  

We hope that our given information will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading the complete article.

Disclaimer: is not an official website of Toca Boca. This website is purely made for educational purposes only, which provides details related to Toca Life World App. Toca APK Boca doesn’t support any illegal activities and if you are the real owner of Toca Life World App, you can check on the website that we are promoting your Application. Still, if you believe something wrong, please reach out to us via our contact form, we are always ready to discuss with you.