Top 10 Toca World Life Characters – You Need to Know

Toca Boca is a game developed by Toca Boca officials. The game is specially developed for kids aged from 2 to 9 years old. Kids learn new things while building houses in this game. The avatars and characters from Toca Boca can be customized as well.

Players can turn their imagination and creative skills into reality and animation in this game. The animation in the game and customization of all the characters will take your kid’s creativity to the next level. Let’s deeply dive into the characters’ appearance in this article, along with their names and customizations.

Major Character of Toca Boca MOD APK

As a parent, you should understand many things about the game. One of the key factors about the toca boca is its characters. What kind of characters should our kids be playing? 

Playing toca boca can lead to addiction. It is important to keep an eye on how much time they spend playing. Another reason is that games relate to the players and their creative skills. It will be good for kids and if they have some addiction. 

Toca Boca Life World Character Tour

After researching for many days, this game is the best choice for enhancing your kid’s ability to think, imagination, and creativity skills because they act in the game as sole characters. 

Secondly, the toca boca has many characters; we cannot explain and discuss them all. But we discuss the main and the most famous avatars. Those avatars are valuable in the game and have special characteristics, such as special powers and special things. Now, let’s discuss the Toca Boca World Life Mod APK character’s name and ability. 

  • Zoe
  • Pete
  • Xing
  • Nikoo
  • Dorothy
  • Kermit
  • Nikita
  • Joline
  • Emma
  • Rita
  • Nari
  • Zeke
  • Leon
  • Nonoko
  • Pasta
  • Christopher
  • Lily
  • Alex
  • Pasta
Toca Boca character Gang

In the above paragraph, we have discussed the main and most valuable characteristics of toca boca. Starting from Nari and Zoe, the game has more than 300 avatars. Every character in the game has special powers, and they can do some special tasks. So let’s discuss briefly the important character in Toca Boca.

Everything about Rita

Rita is a character aged 11 to 12 with a bandage and freckles on her beautiful face. She had a unique style she wore pink dresses paired boldly with white sneakers. She has a very sweet and curious heart. She likes to glide on a skateboard and rollerskates.

She loves skating and is passionate about it due to her extrovert nature. Exploring the beautiful world around her is one of her favorite things to do. It is Rita’s nature to seek out new experiences whenever she has a new challenge to take on. The thing she loves most is challenging herself.

All Things about Rita

Meeting new people is one of her favorite things to do, as well as hanging out with her friends. She is very quick in helping people in the game. Her life is full of travel, enjoyment, and conquering new challenges. She is an inspiration for baby girls who like challenges. She influences the kids by her personality.

In the game, she is one of the most interesting characters.

Everything about Nari

Nari is the second most famous character in the game. Her age is 10 years old. She has boyish traits with a unique twist. Nari wears glasses the color of glasses based on the events and different scenarios. Her favorite outfit is an oversized white sweater with pale pink sleeves and a mint pocket with a copper zipper.

She has a very intelligent mind and toughness in her hand and personality. She is also known for her curiosity, creativity, and observance skills. With these skills, she is a valuable addition to the Toca Boca mod APK 2024 character list.Β 

A beautiful character named Nari in Toca Boca World Life

She is a very useful and avatar in a problematic situation. She is a very good problem solver. She likes to interact with other people or avatars in the toca boca. Nari used to do things such as adventures and explorations. 

She is a good example for the kids to take lessons from her personality and explore and solve problems. 

Everything about Zeke

Zeke is the third main character or avatar in the Toca Boca mod APK. She is 10 years old male character in the toca boca mod APK 2024. He has shiny dark blue hair. Mostly he wears a white blue seat shirt and cat-shaped Huddie. He also wears ripped black shoes and jeans. 

He usually uses phones to match his outfits and is a huge pet lover. He also does a job related to playing or walking with the dogs on the footpaths.  He is a huge fan of the internet, especially social media. He always wants to become an influencer and strives for likes, subscribers, and followers. 

Toca Boca Character Zeke

Zeke is the main character’s partner in the Toca Boca mod APK. He has the specialty of love and having new experiences, as we know that the experiences can be good or bad depending on the situation. He usually helps the main player in the game. Zeke is also an interesting character in the game.

Everything about Leon

Leon is the fourth main avatar in the game. He is an 11-year-old avatar with having brown skin tone. He wears a blue color front tattooed tee shirt. He also wears a cup-shaped cap of gray colors. Shirtless and wearing a black high-neck, Leon wears a sleeveless shirt. He usually wears red color shoes.

He is a timid person. He loves to play musical instruments such as drums, pianos, and guitars. Also, he is completely different from the other characters. He loves to create music and another thing is that he is the best friend of Avatar Rita and Nari.

Toca Boca character Leon

His main responsibilities include giving advice and hanging out with his friends. Another thing Leon is famous for is its excellent drawing. He draws comics and some special shapes. Leon has a very helpful personality and loves helping people and motivating them for good deeds. 

Loen has a very significant role in Toca Boca APK 2024. He also performs as a partner and companion in the game.

Everything about Nonoko

Nonoko is the fifth main character in the game. She has a peach color hair. She has a very different facial structure than the other avatars. There is a noticeable difference between his eyes and those of the other characters. 

Besides freckles, she has a lot of blemishes on her face. She often wears white color sleeveless shit written β€œNo”, and β€œYes” on it. Nonko is very curious thoughtful and very energetic and adventurous in Toca Boca Mod APK character. 

Nonoko is 10 years old and his main responsibilities include the world in Toca Boca. Her duty also includes staying with friends. She also advises their friends and chats with different characters in the game. Nonoko loves to take on challenges. She has a very kind and shy kind of personality. 

Nonoko is a very energetic and lovely person and loves to explore and travel various things. Her friends can always count on her for help and support. Nonoko is also very friendly and kind to everyone she meets. Whenever she learns or explores something new, she is eager to learn more.

Everything about Pasta

In Toca Boca MOD APK, pasta is a very good avatar and motivates the other players in the game. Pasta is an 11-year-old character appearance looks like a human and his voice is also a human voice. She has big ears like animals.

She used to wear blue color jumpsuits. She likes to have parties with his friends. She used to visit beaches and other places. On the food menu, she likes to eat pizza.  She is not a human avatar or an animal avatar she is a mixed kind of avatar. 

Her duties include such as traveling and exploration. Also, she guides the player about the accurate direction in the game. Toca Boca Mod APK character Pasta is a very funny and entertaining avatar. She likes to play score with all of his team members and has a very positive and lovely personality.

Everything about Christopher

Christopher is another famous character in the toca boca mod apk. He is very famous for his personality. The good thing or attractive thing about his personality he looks like a modern guy. He used to wear a blue shirt and blue pants with brown shoes. 

He has a very attractive and modern hairstyle. He has short orange color short hair. He has a very kind personality. He is also famous for his intelligent and creative mind. As a family and friend, he enjoys exploring different locations and going on adventures.

His duties include playing various games. And travel around the world with his teammates in the game. He is the duplicate character of the author of the game. He performs the duty of guiding different characters in the game. He has a very impactful role and personality in the game.

Everything about Lilly

Lilly is the second-last female main character or avatar in the Toca Boca mod APK. She is 10 years old in Toca Boca mod APK 2024. She has shiny dark back hair. Mostly he wears a pink color dress in Toca Boca. She also wears different colors of painted huddies and painted shoes. 

She likes to do many things one of them is she likes to do painting and many kinds of artistic work. She likes to paint multiple things even from her appearance you can judge what she likes to do. She is an avatar who represents art and paint lovers in the game. 

In addition to being an interesting and energetic avatar, Lilly has a great deal of passion for art. The avatar Lilly attracts those kids who are interested in drawing. She is an inspiration and motivation for the kids who like drawing and creating art and artistic paintings.

Everything about Alex

Alex is also one of the most famous avatars in the Toca Boca MOD APK 2024. He is one of the best friends of the main characters due to spending time with the main character and falling in love with him. By feeling wise he is very emotional and romantic. 

He is very young and energetic and likes to skateboard. His look is very modern and stylish. He has very shining and long black hair with a colorful beautiful dress. He is very handsome and has a Playboy personality. He inspires people who have a kind of extrovert personality.

Everything about Zoe

Zoe is one of the last avatars and an interesting avatar in the game. She is 11 years old female. She is in love with animals and pets. She has an introverted personality. She loves to stay at her home. She also had freckles on her face. She has long hair. She also uses beautiful bandages on her hair. 

She loves to create art and artwork on the walls of the city. You will find her exploring in the city. She used to wear various colorful dresses. Zeo character is the kind of girl who loves to create artwork and is less interactive with the avatars in the game. 

She eats vegetables and fruits and you will always find her with the main character. Her responsibilities include such as taking care of the pets and animals. She also gives them food. She is a motivation and inspiration for those kids who want to help injured pets and animals. 

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Yes, it is specifically designed for children. In this game, your kids can learn many things such as collaboration, Creativity, and some other valuable things.

It is suitable for both genders. The game has multiple avatars you can choose male if you are or female if you are a female.

Rita is a character aged 11 to 12 with a bandage and freckles on her beautiful face. She had a unique style she wore pink dresses paired boldly with white sneakers.

All the 10 characters are the main characters in the TOCA BOCA MOD APK 2024


In this article, we have briefly discussed all the characters in the game. Their appearance clothes, their facial expressions, and other things. In addition to avatars, there are many other avatars  options in the game. We are unable to cover all the characters here. We have explained the top 10 main avatars widely used in the game. 

By reading this article you can use the game at its fullest. I hope you will find the article helpful in understanding avatars in general.

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