Toca World Life MOD APK All Secrets Tips and Tricks

Hey, Toca World Life fans, are you looking for the Toca Boca secrets and hidden tips and tricks? Here we will discuss the toca boca, all the secrets, tips, and tricks, such as getting something for free or making something special.

Toca Boca is a very prominent game and is widely famous among kids. Toca Boca is a virtual reality game in which you can turn your imagination into real things. It provides you with the best graphics and gameplay in which you can interact with the players and create your own world. 

Toca Boca involves many other things such as customization options, settings for better gameplay, and Creating beautiful appearances and houses in the game. In this article, we will comprehensively discuss all the secrets in the Toca Boca mod apk. 

What is Toca Boca World Life Mod Apk? 

Before going to discuss the secrets of toca boca you have to understand the basics of toca boca. What is this game, and how you can enjoy more in this game? This is a kind of story-creating game in that the user can create his own story.

Another thing you can customize the character’s clothes and appearances. There are many characters in the game of Toca Boca you can check them by clicking characters.

Exploring  the Secret Locations

Toca life world life is full of locations. You have to find different locations by exploring the game. This exploring thing makes the more entertaining, exciting, and enjoyable. So let’s discuss some of its destinations which have to be explored.

  • Mysterious cave 
  • Hidden treehouse 
  • Subway

1. Mysterious Cave

The mysterious cave can be found in the heart and the mainland of Toca World Life Mod apk. You can find many things there such as hidden treasure, new clothes, coins, and some special things. Take a risk, discover it, and enjoy the reward.

2. Hidden treehouse

The second hidden treehouse is also to be discovered. You can also challenge yourself and explore the landscape of Toca Boca. You can also find it in the woods. You can take a look at the branches of the trees.

Hidden treehouse Tree House in Toca Life World

You can find it on the top of the tree. Explore the different clues, unusual objects, and hints to find a treehouse. In Treehouse, you can customize this according to your taste. Toca Boca has many tips and tricks to explore these to focus on creativity and exploration.

3. Subway

City is one of the popular games in Toca Boca Life, where the subway is a feature in the system.

Toca life : The city is a play set where you can explore the location of a subway in the bustling city environment.

Subway in Toca Boca: you can create your own tracks, and allow them to drive cars, bikes, ships, trains, and other vehicles with costume colors. You can also design your own stations of subway. This system enhances the fun and imaginative play among children.

Toca Boca Tips and Tricks

For creativity, fun, and imaginative play Toca Boca adds some different kinds of secret tips and tricks for the play to enjoy this game. Some children love to play this game all of the day. You can encourage creativity, experiment with touch controls, try different characters and settings, create stories and role-play, use the recording, and explore hidden features in the toca boca world. Some top-level tips and tricks are given below:

  • Get the Weekly Gift 
  • Mysterious Hidden Places
  • Put Hats on Your Pets
  • Explore New Animals in the Parks
  • The Dance Floors in the Parks
  • Discover the Secret Lair
  • Clean Pets in the Paddling Pool
  • Create Unique Pet Food
  • Hidden Treasures

1. Get the Weekly Gift

In the toca boca world, you will awarded a weekly free gift. These gifts include different items to increase the creativity of the children and make sure that you need to have a check on the game at least once in a week. To receive your gift go to the post office which is located in the Bop city and then click on the gift sign.

Toca Boca World Life – Friday Gifts

2. Mysterious Hidden Places

There are too many hidden places in the Toca Boca game you just need to lurk around the Toca Boca world life. You can also unlock these hidden places by performing some specific tasks or actions. Keep an eye on the hints and clues. The mad scientist inside the hospital is also found in one of the mysterious hidden places.

10+ Mysterious Hidden Places in Toca Life World

3. Put Hats on Your Pets

In the Toca Boca game, you can dress up the characters and this also includes the pets, with hats or other accessories. You can place the hats on them to pile your pets on top of each other and also check how they look when pets are piled together.

4. Explore New Animals in the Parks

Players can discover some new animals and mostly come across some different new animals that may be strange. When you click on the egg, the new and unusual animal or creature falls to the floor. You can find more different animals on the branches of trees and Eerie animals can be found by discovering toca boca life that will make the hack which definitely be worth your time.

Pet Park in Toca Boca World Life

5. The Dance Floors in Parks

You have to click the secret switch under the radio to activate the dance floor to have fun. Then disco ball will appear once you activate it, now your character will dance at the party. If you are looking for a party or fun in the toca boca life, this will be a great idea to discover the dance floor and make your game energetic.

6. Discover the Secret Lair

To make the game more attractive, Toca Boca World has a secret lair in the parks or the jungle. Mostly the parks are full of secrets. You will discover the lair behind the bushes, stones, and small hills. Toca boca gives the hints and cues to find the liars. Where you can see some different sports for pets and small stuff.

7. Clean Pets in the Paddling Pool

If you are busy but your pet is dirty, do not worry this feature is for you. Put your pet into the padding pool, this will save your time and also be enjoyable for the children. Pets get dirty because they love to play in the mud that’s why Toca Boca introduced this feature.

Pets in Paddling Pool in toca boca

8. Create Unique Pet Food

If you are a pet lover and wanna create new pet food, you have a pet cafe for such customization. Players can serve their pet food with a salad with various worms in a variety of dog food sandwiches are also available. You can also see the reaction of the pet whether they love to eat or not.

9. Hidden Treasures

You can discover the HIDDEN TREASURES IN THE  different CITY DISTRICT, its a great chance to find it and make the game more attractive. Toca Boca also gives some hidden clues and hints for the player to discover the treasure. If you have less interest in the challenges, then you must properly read the Life Weekly and this will direct you to explore the exciting and different treasures.


As we observe toca boca enhances the mental growth of children and this is also loved by all. Toca Boca Mod apk helps to unlock all new features that are to be paid, children have to perform a specific task or fulfill all the specified actions. You can find hidden treehouses, lairs, hidden treasures, and some other features in the mod apk.

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